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Millions of College Graduates are currently struggling under the weight of their Federal student loan debt. This debt is overwhelming and can have a huge negative impact on many aspects of your life! Furthering your education should have been a way to improve your life, but instead, the growing debt from the Federal student loan is just holding you back!

There's no need to continue struggling over your student loan debt. Call us now and one of our Student Loan Advisors will provide you with a FREE consultation.

What is Student Loan Consolidation

College Graduates who are forced to make high monthly payments on their existing Student Loan debt my be able get some relief. National Student Loan Consolidation offers college graduates a chance to lower their monthly Federal Student Loan payments.


  Qualify for $0 Monthly Payment
  Save 60% or MORE on your monthly loan payment
  Free no obligation consultation and debt analysis
  Qualify for Student Loan Forgiveness
  Benefit from Government Programs
  Multiple Student Loan Consolidation solutions available
  Parent-Plus loans may qualify

Student Loan Forgiveness

Student Loan forgiveness Services, borrowers may qualify for forgiveness of the remaining balance due on their eligible Federal student Loans.

Forgiveness for Teachers

Find out how to get your Federal Student Loans forgiven or canceled due to your service as a teacher. Call Today & Start Saving Money Now!

Forgiveness for Nurses

Federal and State Loan Forgiveness Programs for Nurses. Below is a list of Federal and State loan Forgiveness Programs available to nurses.


Use this FREE tool to learn how much lower your monthly payments could be after qualifying for Student Loan Consolidation

Success Stories

My new payment is $0.00 dollars per month!

After speaking with the counselor at National Student Loan Consolidation, I found out I was able to qualify for an income based repayment program.Due to my income and my family size, I qualified for a $0.00 dollars per month payment! I am so excited to finally get back on my feet and I am looking forward to a debt-free future.Thank you National Student Loan Consolidation!

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My Loans will be forgiven

As a public school teacher my income is limited. I have over $ 35,000 in Student Loans, which were used to complete my education and obtain my teaching degree.

Your Student Loan interest rates
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That's an Extra $5,000 to pay back
the average $25,000 loan

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